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How it works?

The author submits the book on our platform and is assigned an expert who works closely with the needs of the author and helps him/her choose the publishing services/ packages by identify the author’s goals. Our expert team, making the publishing process really simple for the author, manages the entire process. The author pays 50% in advance for the services opted and the balance 50% is paid after the book is published. The Print-ready files are sent to the author for the review before publishing.

Will I be assigned ISBN?

Yes we provide ISBN for all our packages. We assign separate ISBNs for different versions of your books.

How many books will be printed?

Printing is covered in the packages. We maintain the inventory with copies and refill it as and when required. You would never run out of stock. There is no upfront requirement for the author to purchase any specific number of books.

Who decides the price of the books?

You decide the price of the book at any value more than the production cost of the book.

Who owns the rights of the book?

The copyrights remain with the author. We have no rights to your content. Since self-publishing is non–exclusive, you can get your work published elsewhere.

What is the cost of author copies?

You just have to pay the cost price of the book plus the shipping cost. If you need to order bulk copies please contact us at info@theauthorbox.com.

What is my royalty percentage?

You get 100% profit on every book you sell.

How are profits distributed?

We require your Indian bank account in order to pay your profits from the books. The profits are distributed quarterly basis i.e. within 30 days of the end of each financial quarter.

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