• Basic Copy Editing

Our editors check the grammar, spelling, punctuations, tenses and sentence formation, which are the thrust areas for your book.

Price: $ 0.025 per word

  • Advanced Developmental Editing

Our expert editors emphasize on the concept and organization of your content in order to maintain the consistency and coherence in transition of your ideas.

Price: $ 0.06 per word

  • Cover Copy Polish

Our specialized teams evaluates the cover and incorporates the title, author-bio, introduction, keynote to increase the effectiveness.

Price: $ 200


Cover Designing

Premium Cover Design

The book cover is an integral part for successful reach of your book to targeted audience. Hence, we find suitable images from our huge repository of stock photos for you to select to match your content.

Price: $ 180

Custom Cover Design

Our talented and creative professionals helps you choose from couple of custom designs that visually stimulate your work.

Price: $ 300

Interior Layout

Basic Interior design

We use the Chicago Manual of Style guidelines for   formatting. You can insert few images and table with the help of our designers. This type is best suited for text-only books.

Price: $112-$189 as per the complexity

Premium Interior design

This type is best suited for books with larger number of images, tables, charts, figures, illustrations etc. Our designers create custom layout as per your needs.

Price: $189-$300 as per the complexity

Advanced Interior design

Along with premium interior design, our specialized technicians create customized layout like Table of Contents, Custom Headers, End Notes, Footnotes etc. depending on the content of your manuscript and maintaining the industry standards.

Price: $ 300


Our creative team helps you create custom illustrations black and white or colored as per your requirement, which gives your readers a pleasurable reading experience.

Illustration Price: $100-$500 as per the complexity


We offer both traditional as well as latest book formats of highest quality. We believe in making earth a better place and have pledged to be eco-friendly, with all our books printed on wood-free paper.

  • Paperback

Paperbacks are preferred by most of the authors. Following sizes are offered in paperback B&W and Full Colored books:
5”X8”, 6”X9”, 8.25”X11”

  • Hardcover

Get your book an embossed feel with a durable binding to stand out from other books.Following sizes are offered in paperback B&W and Full Colored books:
5”X8”, 6”X9”, 8.25”X11”

  • eBook

Reach out to more number of customers by publishing your book in digitized format with us. We submit your eBook to online bookstores like Amazon Kindle, Google Play Books, iBooks etc.

Price: $ 250


Boost your sales up globally by getting your books translated to all regional as well as foreign languages.

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  •    Author Website

Your personalized website helps to engage your readers by providing additional information about your self. Our team of web developers help you design your website as per you needs. The Domain and one year hosting is included in this.

Price Starting: $ 250 based on complexity and your requirements.

  • Social Media Strategy

Social media is a great way boost your brand presence. We help you create pages on major social media platforms and keep your readers engaged and connect you to right audience by increasing your daily activity by running promotions and campaigns for your Author Brand.

Price: $ 250 per month

  • Social Media Paid Marketing

Paid ads are the most sought after form of advertising as it is the fastest way to reach out to large number of audience and increases your book visibility. Our marketing experts do extensive research and help you identify your relevant audience based on interests, age, demographics etc. and develop banner ads/ campaigns for your books that are targeted to them.

Facebook Ad Campaign

Includes $ 250 worth of ad credit Additional add credit is paid by you.

Google Ad Campaign

Includes $ 250 worth of ad credit Additional add credit is paid by you.

Video Ad Campaign

Tell your story through a 30- 60 sec video trailer and create an ever lasting impression on the people about your book. Includes $ 250 worth of ad credit Additional add credit is paid by you.

  • Email Marketing

Email campaigns about your books is not only cost-effective way of marketing but it also builds brand awareness; reach out to your potential audience and increase your book sales. Our marketing consultants create customized strategies  to run your promotions and campaigns as per your needs.

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  • Promotional Marketing Material

Promote your business locally. We offer custom designed promotional materials like Brochures, Posters, Flyers, Business cards, postcards etc. based on your book.

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  • Press release

Our partnered media network can help you create buzz about your book all around the world by showcasing your book in front of plethora of journalists.

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  • Author Interview/ Media Coverage

Get featured on renowned media platforms and interviewed by the journalists personally about the book and related queries. We have a pool of partner agencies that can hold discussion panel or social events to increase the publicity of your book.

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  • Book Reviews

This adds on service helps you get recommended and reviewed on prestigious platforms by the literary experts.

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  • Blogs

We can’t emphasize enough how blogging can be helpful to promote your book. You can directly hold discussions or address the queries of your readers that can help you connect with them better. Our experienced team can help you create personal blogs about you and your book as per your needs.

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How to Copyright Your Self-published eBook

We highly recommend the authors to get copyright for the proof of their hard work to avoid any legal claims and protect their work from infringement or plagiarism. Our experts will guide you with the registration process to obtain Copyright Certification, which will be issued after the government verification.

Price: $ 250

  • Interior Revision

Before publishing the book, we send the print-ready copy to the author for reviewing and proof reading or to suggest any changes. We accept first 25 revisions on the proof to be free however for major revisions like changing the complete layout it is required to chose from our interior services. For any further revisions, this service is chargeable (Rs. 5,000 (75.00 USD) Extra for eBook revision)

Price: $ 110

  • Cover Revision

You can ask our designers to make small design changes/ tweaks with this add on service. However, for changing the cover completely, you need to select from our cover designing services.

Price: $ 100- $250 as per the complexity

  • Title, MRP Revision

We can help you make changes to your Title or MRP for the cover and the interior along with our partner online stores with this add on service.

Price: $ 110

  • Paperback to Hardcover

Upgrade your paperback into hardcover copy.

Price: $ 150